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Profile Dynamics® provides insight into the values and drives of individuals in teams and organizations.


Personal profiling

The Profile Dynamics® analysis provides insight into personal preferences and shows if someone is suited to a specific function or fits into an existing team, or if he or she needs to be coached or may be better off in another position. The non-biased result allows for an informed discussion to take place and helps accommodate both personal wishes and company requirements.

Important applications include:

  • recruitment and selection
  • management development
  • outplacement and reintegration

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Analysing and training teams
Every manager knows the problem: your team just “doesn’t work”, but pinpointing the problem is not that simple. Profile Dynamics® has a special module for team analysis which can provide insight into the interactions between team members. This module is designed to support team building and team training sessions.

Team training sessions are most useful for improving communication within teams and optimizing team composition.

In this example, we see that the yellow (creativity) factor is an important common driving factor for the group. In addition, the group is results-driven (orange) and believes in the added value of a good working atmosphere (green). Overall, the yellow provides most energy to the group. There is a lot of resistance to strict and rigid rules (blue), conservatism (purple), aggression and conflict (red).

If we compare the individual profiles, we see that all members of the team have some driving factors in common with the team leader, except team member 3. This more social (green) and orderly (blue) person does not fit in the group and only gets on with team member 2 due to the “order” driving factor (blue), which happens to be precisely the driving factor to which the group as whole strongly resists (see above).


Strengthening organizations
We can investigate departments or whole organizations in the same way as we investigate teams. The figure below represents the profiles of different departments within an organization. One can see where the connections and the sticking points are located at a glance. It is also clear that the profiles of the departments fit the nature of the work. This may be a starting point for managing change and streamlining the organization

In this example, one can see that the profiles of the departments match the type of work they do and that most leaders are a good match with both Senior Management and with their personnel. This is not the case in the Production department, which could lead to problems between Senior Management and the head of the department. On the other hand, the staff and the head of the Production department have similar profiles so they should have a good working relationship.


Competence Management
Competence Management is another important application. Each function, after all, requires its own set of personal skills which lead to a personal profile. A sales function needs an orange results-driven person, while in finance the main points are reliability and accuracy so a blue score is desirable.

The dedicated Funtion Profiler® module helps you decide what the ideal candidate for a given function would be and what relevant competences should be. Conversely, it allows you to assess if a candidate would suit a certain function.

Growth and development

Profile Dynamics® is unique not only because it accurately and objectively measures people’s driving factors, but also because it offers a set of practical tools to improve how organizations work. There are different levels at which organizations can use their knowledge of these driving factors to promote growth and development: at individual employee level or at the level of the organization itself.

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