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We identify people’s personal driving factors to increase their personal success and that of the teams and organizations in which they work.

Three steps to success

We know everything there is to know about driving factors and how to utilize them to connect people to their organization. We motivate people in three steps to improve the commitment and performance of people and organizations.

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“The high level of personalization was very impressive”.
— Pascal, lector Procesinnovatie  & Informatiesystemen, Hogeschool Utrecht

Step 1. Personal driving factors

Our analyses provide self-insight and reveal what people find important about their work. The results indicate which of the seven driving factors are important to you.

The “expression” component (left) shows, in order of decreasing priority, what drives your thoughts and the way you deal with things.

The “resistance” component (right) shows what evokes negative feelings and drains you.

The energy balance (click on the second image) shows which value systems provide most energy to this profile.

Profile Dynamics is based on the work of American psychologist Dr. Clare W. Graves..

How does it work?

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fill in the online questionnaire. Your personality is defined by your unique combination of driving factors.


Each of the seven driving factors plays a role in what motivates us, but the value that we attach to each driving factor differs from person to person.

Step 2. Team dynamics

By analyzing your team you’ll discover everyone’s driving factors. This enables you to personally motivate your team members and improve their commitment and performance.

We present your team dynamics in a clear and engaging way. The analysis provides practical tools that you can start using immediately to further develop and optimize your team.

Improve your team

As the manager you can then decide to change the team composition by, for example, hiring employees with complementing driving factors or by motivating current employees to develop the skills that are needed.

Why organizations choose us:
✓ Personalization: Everyone is unique
✓ Scientifically proven
✓ More than thirteen years of experience. Easy and practical to use.

Why people choose for us:

 Our analysis fits like a glove: everybody is unique

 We use scientific research

 We have more than 13 years of experience. Our applications are practical and ready to use.

Nyenrode Business Universiteit is already a client:

“Profile Dynamics® provides in-depth insight into people’s driving factors and is therefore an ideal tool for use in the MSc and MBA programs of Nyenrode Business Universiteit. Personal leadership is at the core of the Nyenrode programs, and if you want to work on this you need to get to know yourself even better. Profile Dynamics® offers a great foundation for this, as you really come to understand the personal values that motivate you.”

– Victoria Bressers, Senior Advisor, Career and Personal Development. Nyenrode Business Universiteit


Step 3. Tools to develop your organization

Driving factors and company culture

The culture of the organization also plays a role. After all, the driving factors needed for a start-up are different from those vital for a corporate organization, and the driving factors in a care home vary from those in a sales organization.

Our analyses provide insight into the connection between your organization and your employees and shows where you can make improvements in your team.

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