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We help you to let your people work as optimally and motivated as possible by matching their work situation to their drives. It goes without saying that we work this way ourselves. Do you want to know what drives us and how we use our own drives to create the best possible working situation? Scroll over our pictures and find out more! Would you like to speak to one of us? Let us know.

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The Netherlands

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Zin in een kennismakingsgesprek?

Hans de Jong
Managing Director

Managing the organization in such a way that we move forward: continue to develop and grow as a team and as a provider. That’s what drives me from my orange drive.

My orange focus is on the development of our organization and our products. We go for quality and results through yellow innovations. Providing customer satisfaction and service is important. Our people help you in a friendly and accessible green way so that you can let the people in your organization flourish.

Wilma Kuipers
Director Business Development

I believe that people who enjoy their work perform better. Drives are a nice instrument to understand how job satisfaction works. I find it a challenge to make my knowledge about this applicable in powerful and accessible tools.

I like to get complex issues clear and come up with simple solutions to complex problems (yellow). I am orange pragmatic; it has to work and actually help people (green). At Profile Dynamics I can combine scientific research with model and product development; totally in my element!

Rolf Feenstra
Research & Development Specialist

My yellow drive motivates me to make sharp analyses, use multiple angles, get to the heart of the matter and then come up with well-considered solutions.

From my yellow and blue drives, I work rationally, not only with statistical analyses but also with the relationship between language (words) and colors (drives), which requires the necessary blue precision. My work must be future-proof (yellow) and my orange drive ensures that solutions found are also feasible.

Elisabeth Hoffs 
Marketing & Communication Specialist

I use my yellow drive to understand (complex) matters and to develop communication messages for Profile Dynamics based on creativity.

I reach people, teams and organizations through creative, well-thought-out yellow and orange marketing and communication activities. It motivates me to stimulate people and encourage them to delve into their own and each other’s drives. Understanding each other as human beings is something I value from my green motivation. I believe that people learn from each other and develop together

Brian Ditmeijer  
Customer Relations Manager

Talking to people and finding out what they need, so that I offer them the best solution: I make optimal use of my people-oriented green driving factor.

I believe that people, teams and organizations can develop by learning about their people. I help them with that. This shows my three preferred drives: my green interest in people, my orange focus on results and my yellow analytical and strategic qualities when it comes to clarifying things.

Rachel van Wijk
Customer Service/Host

I work accurately, here you see my blue driving factor. People need to be able to trust that if they ask me for something, my work is of good quality.

Helping people in a good and friendly way, together with my colleagues, is important to me because of my green drive. I work in an orderly and structured way on my tasks based on my blue drive. The sense of security that I experience within Profile Dynamics makes me feel at home here. This is where you will recognise my purple drive.

Ivo de Bruijn
Software Developer

Solve a complex problem? Gladly! Because of my yellow drive I get energy from analyzing complicated matters. I come up with smart solutions that help us move forward.

Helping people with the best solutions, that motivates me from my yellow and green drives. The more complex the problem, the more I can use my out of the box way of thinking. I accept what comes my way and don’t get scared easily. My turquoise drive helps me put things into perspective.

Margareta Bunschoten 
Customer Service/Host

It motivates me to help and support people with my knowledge and experience. I work with dedication and I am loyal, this is where you recognise my purple drive.

Providing service with a smile: that’s what I go for. Getting the right information and communicating clearly and friendly is important for this. This is how I deliver blue quality. Offering support motivates me because of my purple loyalty. I enjoy the pleasant, green collaboration with my colleagues.

Our team in Germany

Robert Siegers

“Anyone who demands performance must create sense”. From my orange-green perspective, this means: focusing on entrepreneurial success together with my team.

My challenge is to convince our customers that a successful company only thrives with motivated employees. The “conscious organization” relies on the drives of its team members. And along this path of values and drives, it motivates me to achieve green, strategic yellow and specifically orange goals together with our customers.

Emilie Rabe

To come up with the best solutions, I work with my yellow drive. I think strategically and analytically first in order to develop creative and innovative solutions.

With my yellow drive I like to initiate new developments, analyze market developments and know the needs of our customers. I plan our actions with a strategic orientation. My turquoise foresight motivates me to think globally and in contexts. My empathetic green loves to connect and communicate.

Slava Jungblut
Customer Relations Manager

From my yellow perspective, I look at the environment and try to understand and harness the complexity of the dynamics between people and the environment.

I really enjoy analyzing connections and developing well thought-out solutions. My “orange” perspective helps me to identify efficient and quickly implementable approaches for our customers. From my green drive, it is a pleasure to help people to achieve their individual goals in a blue systematic and orange pragmatic way.

Minou Khadjavi
Office Manager

From my turquoise perspective, I have a holistic view in order to offer the best service to our customers and colleagues.

I like to work holistically and flexibly. These are my yellow and turquoise drives that lead to creative and comprehensive solutions. For daily work tasks, my blue antennae bring a good deal of structure and order to our work.

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