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You can log in here to start the Profile Dynamics® analysis . The analysis consists of 20 questions with statements. For each question you divide 17 points over one or more statements. There are no wrong answers. Try to respond quickly and intuitively. It takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the analysis. It is advisable to make the analysis at a quiet moment of the day in an environment that does not distract.

The outcome

After the last question, the analysis closes automatically and the data is processed. A certified consultant will contact you to explain the result.

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If you are interested in the analysus, but you do not have a login code, please contact one of our consultants. They are happy to help you further.

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Interpretation of the analysis

Your personal report displays your scores on seven different drivers, each of which is represented by a color. Your profile indicates with which motivations you identify (expression), and with which you have difficulty (resistance).

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Which colors do you have?

Profile Dynamics® typifies people in seven colors, each representing recognizable traits, ways of thinking and behavior. The unique feature of the Profile Dynamics® instruments is that it accurately and objectively measure drivers and values, and offer practical tools for development and growth.

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